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Our Company

Our humble story began in 1988, when we started as an automobile service centre in Johor Bahru. We did pretty well and in 1991, we acquired an LPG distribution company and our business expanded into the energy sector. Thirty years on, thanks to the support of our customers, we have established a strong client base to keep on going with our businesses. This is mainly due to our belief in the basic principle of decency, honesty and be competent in services we provide. In 2013, we decided to explore into the renewables, since solar photovoltaic will provide the next stage of growth in the coming years.

PV is an emerging industry and we believe it will finally be taking over as the mainstream energy, globally. Malaysia enacted the Renewable Energy Act in 2011 to pave the way. PV price plummeted in recent years resulted in the growing numbers of conventional power plants becoming stranded assets. PV electricity is much cheaper now than those supplied by the utility companies, also because of the cost-free sunshine, which is PV's fuel, available in any location, safe to operate and its reliability!

We acquired our practising license from SEDA in 2013, and we have installed some domestic rooftop projects under the FiT programme. Our PV systems are still performing well to date. The Net Energy Metering scheme gained momentum in 2019 and we decided to increase our involvement in this budding industry in the coming years.

With rapid development in science & technology, Mankind's total energy need will be ultimately satisfied by renewables, since they are sustainable, green, clean and affordable.
Our job is to help making that happen by 2050
We strive for excellence in engineering: we are very concerned of Climate Change and committed to mitigate it; we uphold principles of decency, righteousness, honesty etc
Company History

Founded 2K Rainbow


Incorporated Rainbow Cedes Car Care Centre sdn bhd


Acquired PV service provider license from SEDA


Electron Harvest sdn. Bhd. formed



Acquisition of Best Petroleum Gas sdn. Bhd


Incorporated LW Gastech Engineering sdn. Bhd.


Rainbow Green Tech sdn. Bhd. formed